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Economics and business studies A-level: On the road to your A*

An Introduction to Tutor Aim

Our Vision

Welcome to Tutor Aim! Here you can fill your knowledge gaps even if you are currently flummoxed on the subject matter. Led by Dave Caddies, a qualified A-level economics and business tutor, Tutor Aim specialises in helping students succeed in their GCSEs and IGCSEs. We are inspired by the results our tutees have achieved over the last 10 years and are looking forward to guiding you to that A*. Tutor Aim strives to develop your full potential whilst improving your grades, skills and confidence. We run business and economics courses for local and international students who set their sights on the UK’s top universities. With Dave’s expertise and Tutor Aim’s up-to-the-minute resources and tools, you are halfway to being 100% exam-ready.

One-to-one and group economics and business courses

Dave is highly experienced in providing one-to-one and group tutoring, both locally and internationally. As a tutee, you can choose from:

  • Private online 1:1 courses
  • They combine the convenience of distance learning with a personalised tutoring approach. Our private online business courses and economics classes are the most flexible way to harness your A-level studies.

  • Group online courses
  • With Tutor Aim, you can take online classes in a group of up to 24 students like you. This allows you to learn the subject matter in a high-energy, collaborative environment (even during holidays).

  • Private face-to-face tutoring
  • If the idea of doing your studies online does not sit well with you, here is an alternative. Dave is glad to be your A-level business tutor for face-to-face learning at Tutor Aim’s centre in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

  • Group face-to-face tutoring
  • This is another option for UK students. Our Wakefield-based learning centre can accommodate a limited number of tutees for daytime and evening classes, either during holidays or amidst the academic year.

    What’s more, Tutor Aim can provide tutoring for final-year business and economics students in local schools. UK-wide short-term teaching is available in an online environment, too.

    Our Range of Services & Quality



    Also, Dave is up for acting as a home economics tutor for home-schooled students. With us, you can have lessons wherever and whenever it suits you.

    Why choose Tutor Aim?

    We know how challenging it is to find the right A-level economics tutor. It is even harder to stick to your learning plan throughout the entire course. But Tutor Aim makes things way easier for you.

    Our students choose us because of:

  • Flexibility. Whether you are taking an online economics course or a face-to-face business class, we can fit it into your schedule. We put your convenience first so that you feel comfortable improving your skills.
  • Excellent results. Tutor Aim takes pride in tutoring all students to what they aim for. Our tutees have achieved countless A-grades in A-level, GCSE and IGCSE exams, as proved by our testimonials.
  • Dave’s defined expertise. Over the last 20 years, Dave Caddies has helped many students unlock their potential in A-level economics and business studies. He is extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter as someone who has been directly involved in IT, banking and corporate sectors.
  • Student-centred courses. You may lack confidence when dealing with economic concepts. Or you may have trouble managing your time in an exam. Regardless of the scenario, Tutor Aim can help. We use detailed plans and rely on revision sessions to facilitate your learning as you do your business studies online or face to face.
  • Fun and rewarding experience. Dave is committed to creating an enjoyable learning atmosphere for every student. We believe tutoring should be both insightful and fun. This approach pays off every time and keeps you engaged through all the sections of your course.
  • Looking to hire a business and economics tutor online?

    If you are interested in hiring Dave as your business home tutor, you may want to give it a test-run first. At Tutor Aim, we offer a no-obligation introductory teaching session for free. It allows potential tutees and their parents to better understand the outline and what steps we will take to make the grade.

    Contact us to schedule your first free session with Dave. We are ready to work out an individual tutoring plan for you and guide you through your GCSEs and IGCSEs!


    Tutor Aim has a strong track record of improving grades, engagement and growing confidence. Check out our testimonials and references can be provided upon request.






    Our Prices


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    About Us

    Tutor Aim International Limited is based in the UK - Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England. Dave Caddies, the MD and principal online tutor has been tutoring for 10 years starting Tutor Aim in 2011 and Tutor Aim International Limited in 2016. This is the Tutor Aim International website. In due course the video will be updated to reflect this.

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