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An Introduction to Tutor Aim

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide quality tutoring to facilitate results, confidence and focus in the convenience of our professional online classroom or face to face at our base in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Check out our video to introduce Tutor Aim and what we are about.


What you may be looking for in your tutor and what Dave offers:

  • Results and educational expierience
  • Engagement and growing confidence
  • Bringing the subject to life
  • Focus – facilitating your drive, planning and working together
  • Convenience – tutoring from our world class professional online classroom or face to face at Tutor Aim in Durkar, Wakefield.
  • Our Range of Services & Quality



    1. We provide tutoring for both UK and International students from Europe, China, Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, the Middle East and New Zealand and our list of countries is expanding. For International Students overseas Dave specialises in Cambridge International and Edexcel international Exam Boards and is an expert in UK exam boards for all students.

    2. Dave has helped students achieve high grades as articulated on the first video and in the testimonial section. The videos, results and the blog will be subsequently updated.

    3. Private 1:1 tuition for Business and Economics both online in Tutor Aim’s professional global online classroom and face to face at Tutor Aim, Durkar, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

    4. Private 1:1 home schooling for “A” level Economics and “A” level Business

    5. Short-term part day teaching of Business and Economics face to face in local schools and online throughout the country

    6. Group tutoring during holidays both within the academic year and the summer holidays online / face to face (subject to demand)


    Tutor Aim has a strong track record of improving grades, engagement and growing confidence. Check out our testimonials and references can be provided upon request.






    Our Prices


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    About Us

    Tutor Aim International Limited is based in the UK - Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England. Dave Caddies, the MD and principal online tutor has been tutoring for 10 years starting Tutor Aim in 2011 and Tutor Aim International Limited in 2016. This is the Tutor Aim International website. In due course the video will be updated to reflect this.

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