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Economics Sixth Form Entrance Exams!







Economics Sixth Form Entrance Exams



Dave specialises in tutoring Economics online for sixth form entrance exams.  This is particularly relevant for international students who are interested in Economics “A” level and are sitting the Economics Entrance Exam for UK Boarding Schools.  They wish to learn economics.


It is usual to request previous school economics exam papers.  Dave has a range of boarding school exam papers and tailors the online economics course to prepare the student for a range of entrance exams.  Typically IGCSE economics tutoring textbooks are recommended.  Dave recommends a three month period of tutoring, homework and revision to prepare for the entrance exam.  Assuming Entrance exams at the start of November, consider starting the online economics course at the end of July.

Dave will discuss and agree both a tutoring plan and a revision plan to ensure the student is effectively prepared.  Of course the student needs to focus and work hard to deliver on the plans.  The global online classroom will be used for the private economics tuition.







Economics Tuition



One of the key areas of focus will be within micro-economics on the price mechanism, the signalling, incentivising, allocative and rationing functions , demand and supply, the price equilibrium, excess demand and excess supply, shifts to the demand and supply curve and price elasticities. 

Above is an example of an essay paragraph:


There has been an increase in the supply of supermarkets caused by the growth of Aldi and Lidl coupled with the decline in real disposable income with the recession shifting the demand curve to the left as real incomes have declined from an index of 100 in 2002/3 to 92 in 2013/4 with a particularly large drop with the recession in 2008/9.  This has respectively resulted in the supply curve shifting to the right and the demand curve shifting to the left leading to a reduction in equilibrium price with minimal impact on output as shown in the below diagram. 

This appears to have reduced the monopoly power of the existing supermarket with the rise of the budget supermarkets Aldi and Lidl.   This suggests the price mechanism is working efficiently with the lower prices both being driven by the increase in supply and reduction in real disposable incomes as supermarkets meeting changing customer needs and reductions in real disposable income.  

I have recently successfully tutored a student from Ukraine to gain entry to a UK Boarding school. 

“all my economics exams were easy. You have prepared me very well. All questions were mostly about supply and demand…. I have chosen Uppingham School.” “Dave tutored S … with her Sixth Form entrance exam in Economics. Although she had limited time for preparation Dave helped S … prioritise each topic and made the most of it . S .. is more confident now with Economics and ready to take an entry exam. I would recommend Dave to anyone because he knows his subject well. Dave is very good at explaining things even to the students who have no knowledge before.”








Interested? email dcaddies@tutoraimbusinesseconomics.co.uk to arrange a free of charge without obligation planning and engagement session.


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