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Business and Economics Studies Home Tutor!







Business Home Tutor?



Dave provides 1: 1 online tutoring to external “home schooled” candidates in A level Business and Economics for AQA, Edexcel Syllabus A and B, Cambridge International and OCR Exam Boards.


As an A level business tutor Dave provides online business courses over a two year period.  Four hours tutoring per week is recommended over a standard six term “A” level and progress is regularly reviewed.  There is flexibility with tutoring over much of the summer holidays.







Economics Home Tutor?



Dave is a home tutor for economics and provides economics online over a two year period or to adapt to the needs of the client whilst taking into account external exam times.  Four hours tutoring per week is recommended over a standard six term “A” level combining the key elements of engagement, planning, bringing the subject to life, core skills development, regular assessment and communication with student and parents.


Online Economics Course

This is a home schooling  online economics course.  Dave has a global online classroom – as outlined in the Our Services Introduction – Online / Face to Face page.  One  feature is worthy of mention here – sessions can be recorded and played back. Dave is currently tutoring four online economics home-schooled students – 3 from the UK and 1 from Europe. David helped an a home schooled student achieve an “A” grade to reach her first choice Russell Group University.


Business Studies online

Business Studies online takes place in Dave’s global online classroom.  As an additional feature where there is low broadband at the student’s location,  the student can ring into the classroom (instead of relying on broadband for audio). Dave is currently tutoring three online business home-schooled students – 2 from the UK and 1 from Europe. This includes helping one student achieve 88/100 UMS on their AS Level Business Studies.




Interested? email dcaddies@tutoraimbusinesseconomics.co.uk to arrange a free of charge without obligation planning and engagement session.



Let the professional business and economics home tutor help


Whether you need a tutor for yourself or your child, Dave will never let you down. He is well-versed in Edexcel and AQA A-level business tutoring and boasts vast subject knowledge. This can be proved by anyone who has taken a course with Dave before. All Tutor Aim’s tutees achieve their academic goals and bring their skills to the next level. Scan through our testimonials to find out what our students and their parents say about us.

Even so, the profound knowledge of the subject matter and curriculum is not enough. The best business studies home tutor is someone who keeps track of everything. With ever-changing GCSE & IGCSE requirements, programme updates and emerging concepts, it is crucial to stay on top of things. And Dave realises that.

When you choose Dave, you are relying on the highly competent home-schooling business tutor. He always listens to your or your child’s learning needs and recommends the best way to meet them. No matter which course you take, you will only study what takes you closer to your academic accomplishments. At Tutor Aim, we say “No” to unnecessary information in favour of meaningful lessons.

What does online Edexcel or AQA economics tutoring include?

We provide tutoring for home-schooled students at all levels. It boils down to:

  • Personalised learning plans. With Dave as your AQA or Edexcel economics tutor, you are provided with a step-by-step strategy to follow. It encompasses short-term and long-term learning goals that we will attain together throughout a two-year course.
  • Quality resources. No business or economics course is complete without syllabus-specific materials. That is why we provide our students with relevant resources and tools that they can use from the comfort of their homes.
  • Real-life examples. Broadening your theoretical knowledge is one thing, but putting it into practice is another. With Dave, however, you will advance your skills in both ways. You can expect your course to be full of real-life examples that make complicated business and economics concepts more understandable.
  • Exam preparation. Are you looking for an AQA, OCR or Edexcel business tutor to get a high grade in an exam? That is what Dave specialises in. We can adapt your course to be more exam-oriented to help you nail your A-level, GCSEs or IGCSEs.
  • Confidence building. If you are afraid that exam anxiety may trip you up, a little confidence booster can make all the difference. Dave always sits with his tutees online to ensure that nothing keeps them from performing their best on tests.
  • Parent-tutor communication As a parent or carer, your involvement is essential. We will keep you informed of the plan your home-schooler follows and the progress he or she makes. Plus, you can play back all our pre-recorded lessons later to stay in the know.
  • Let’s test the waters. Before hiring Dave as your or your child’s home-schooling online economics tutor, contact us to arrange an introductory lesson. It is free and does not oblige you to continue.

    C Grade Business 2018 Northampton Student  (Online)

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