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Taking courses to schools: Learn A-level business and A-level economics online

Looking for online economics classes or online business classes?



Tutor Aim rises to the challenge as schooling shifts from brick-and-mortar classrooms into online settings. Now students can get started with A-level business studies distance learning without meeting Dave in person.


Our “Brave Business” and “Extreme Economics” courses are excellent additions to the content currently taught in schools. They make the curriculum more exam-centric, providing students with insightful materials and helping them get top grades.


Our A-level business and A-level economics online courses are available to schools throughout the UK. They are for group learning to ensure that students can solve problems, share opinions and complete tasks together.



What is it like to do A-level business studies online?



E-learning with Tutor Aim is a convenient way to get through A-level studies. We take pride in setting up an innovative online classroom where Dave can connect with over 20 students. This e-classroom is fully equipped with everything it takes to give business & economics lessons – from whiteboards to video conferencing features.


Not only is it convenient, but A-level business studies distance learning with Tutor Aim can also:

  • - Improve virtual collaboration. We keep students engaged as they participate in discussion boards and join sub-classrooms. Classmates are encouraged to share ideas to develop a better understanding of the subject matter.
  • - Make the learning process more insightful. When students take an A-level business course online, they get access to presentations, podcasts, diagrams and other resources. Plus, Dave always uses real-life situations as examples to explain tricky concepts.
  • - Stimulate teacher-student interactions. Our online classroom is a highly responsive environment. Whether students have trouble understanding the content or want to upload some materials, they can easily connect with Dave.
  • - Streamline the exam preparation process. High A-level grades are not only about the depth of knowledge. Examination success also requires remarkable essay-writing and time management skills. During our courses, we will harness them with mark schemes and past papers.




    What makes Dave an accomplished educator?



    Dave has mastered the art of guiding students through their A-level business studies online. He has over 20 years of experience teaching tutees to deepen their knowledge and do well in board exams. These testimonials are worth a thousand words.


    Dave is known to explain things easily yet thoroughly to help students understand any term, concept and market mechanism. His teaching methods inspire them to learn with gusto and work hard to complete A-level economics courses online. We measure the outcomes by looking at grades, and they are nothing but impressive.


    Business and economics students choose to hire Dave as their tutor because he is very proficient. He is as knowledgeable about the subjects as someone who holds qualifications in:


  • - business studies

  • - business administration

  • - banking

  • - finance

  • - human resource management


    If you would like to expand your school curriculum with our “Brave Business” and “Extreme Economics” courses, please contact us. We will schedule a free no-obligation session so that you can discuss the study plan, outline, tools and other details with Dave.