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Summer School Courses!







Summer School Courses?



Dave tutors at University and provides summer school tutoring to international students at Universities and Centres based in London, Cambridge, the Midlands and North of England as well as A level tutoring.   For summer school David specialises in the following range of subjects including, but not limited to:


  • Global Leadership & Strategic Management
  • Contemporary Issues in Business
  • Brexit – opportunities and risks to UK Economy
  • Global Financial Crisis & Beyond …
  • Macro Economics – Macro Economic Indicators, Policies, Developed and Developing Countries
  • Micro Economics -  An Introduction









Summer Learning?



Dave provides summer tutoring in “A” level Business and “A” Level both face to face and online.  Typical areas of focus includes deepening understanding of the subject and  exam technique for essays and multiple choice questions.  Last summer David worked with international students both consolidating content from the academic year and catching up where a late start to A levels was made.  Intensive essay technique was a real focus with Dave helping the students develop their essay writing skills including structure and ability to develop arguments.  This focused on the A level core skills of knowledge, application, analysis and evaluation using the point development tool “PECAN PIE  (Point Explained;  Contextualised Analysis; Point Included Evaluation) devised by Tutor2U.   Developing essay writing skills requires time and focus – away from continuous knowledge learning in term time.

Struggled with first year exam results? 

Struggled with first year exam results?  Dave provides private economics tuition and online business classes along with a suggested consolidation programme to help students firm up their understanding, develop their exam technique and be effectively prepared for their final year studies.  Dave has helped a student with a U grade in first year Economics, with a summer programme and weekly tutoring thereafter to achieve a B grade in A level economics.



Over The Summer 

Dave helps international students develop their IGCSE economics skills to prepare for sixth form boarding school exams.   This entails introducing economics, developing students’ knowledge and core skills to answer boarding school questions.


Dave is a LTA Level 3 Tennis Coach, a Hockey Level 1 Assistant Coach and former National League field hockey player.





Looking for a high grade targeting a top University?


Looking for a high grade targeting a top University?  Dave provides tutoring to extend students depth of knowledge and understanding of contemporary real world macro and micro economics or business and to refine their essay technique.   Lets explore the global financial crisis, market failure and government interactions, equally lets assess the impact of BREXIT on UK’s macro-economic objectives or consider doughnut economics (check out the book) …. Be current keep up to date, check out micro economic markets such as banking, utilities, supermarkets, robotics, food and drink.  Consider creative destruction and the rise of Amazon, Apple and Uber.  Consider the Global Economy – the development of Africa, the rise of the BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the global shift of manufacturing and move away from traditional “high Cost” Western and “low cost” developing countries to regional trade and intra-regional trade.  Analysis of the opportunities and risks inherent with Brexit and consideration of macroeconomic objective priorities – is it inflation, economic growth, unemployment, balance of payments or reducing the fiscal budget deficit?.  


Interested? email dcaddies@tutoraimbusinesseconomics.co.uk to arrange a free of charge without obligation planning and engagement session.