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“A” Level Economics

My feedback - Brilliant. An absolute star. All those early mornings ... You've been incredibly focused and absolutely deserve your success. My heartfelt congratulations … Cambridge Uni - brilliant - enjoy! A* Grade Economics

Our daughter decided to study Cambridge International Exam Board As and A2 Business Studies in one year while attending an International School in the Middle East. To support her school lessons,

Dave tutored her online throughout the full year. Using his experience in business, he made the subject extremely interesting for her. He gave her confidence in her studies and provided her with excellent exam techniques coupled with invaluable examples. All of which enabled her to achieve her A*.”  Jill, August 2016  International School Middle East Business Studies tutee


 “Dave is an amazing economics tutor. .  Helped me with online tutoring while studying A Levels at home and managed to boost me from a C to an A in under a year. Highly recommend for anyone taking economics.

I was a bit unsure about internet tutoring, but shouldn’t have worried.  Keeley achieved an A* in Business Studies.  David’s tutoring made an enormous difference and we thank him very much.  Business Studies tutee


“I would highly recommend dave as a tutor. Dave has tutored me for both economics and business studies A level. My tutoring has all been online and takes place in an online classroom which uses a web chat feature along with an interactive whiteboard facility which includes a document sharing element for discussion of work and past papers/mark schemes. Dave has really been able to bring my subjects to life. With online tutoring it is sometimes difficult to engage with the tutor (i have found this with online tutors for other subjects) however with dave this has not been the case and in fact, i looked forward to my lessons with him. He makes lessons fun, he is enthusiastic and has a fantastic sense of humour. He has been able to explain the easier areas of my courses in ways which have kept me focused and has also successfully managed to break down the more complicated elements of my subjects with real-life examples which helped me to understand the logic. His experience both in industry and as a tutor complimented his ability to do this. Dave is a genuinely nice guy and an excellent tutor! “ Overall Grade “A” for both Economics and Business Studies.Economics and Business Studies tutee

We found his Virtual Classroom to be very professional with the use of Video Conferencing, Whiteboards  and Document Sharing. The whole approach was beyond my expectations and my son certainly did not feel that this was long distance learning. He has gained in confidence with each session and has found Dave to be an exemplary tutor. “  Grade “A*”  Business Studies tutee

First of all, I would like to thank you very much for all the support throughout the academic year that was provided through the online tutoring sessions. I found that the outstanding level of resources and teaching methods that were easy to follow and used real life examples, to portray economic concepts that I had previously struggled with, were key components of my grade progress from D's and C's to A's and B's in economics. Overall, the experience was one which I very much enjoyed and will definitely recommend to friends and family. Economics tutee.

Face to face Tutoring,

I am pleased to write that my daughter got an A* in economics - Economics tutee


My daughter got an A in economics ! Thank you very much for all your help!  - Economics tutee


Dave helped me a lot in achieving an A grade in A level economics and I would strongly recommend him to anyone - Economics tutee


Face To Face .....

Fantastic tutor who put in a lot of time and commitment in for me to achieve an A level in Economics.

Every lesson increased my understanding of topics I had struggled with from learning in class. A brilliant teacher with great knowledge of all areas in the A level specification who I could not have passed Economics without. Overall Grade “B” -

Bradford Grammar School UK Economics tutee